Update: Outdoor Classroom at Granville Athletic Park completed by GCUW volunteers

EXCITING UPDATE FROM Granville County United Way's 2017- 2020 Community Projects at the Granville Athletic Park (The GAP).

Granville County United Way recently entered into a 3 year partnership with Granville County Government in an effort to advance recreation opportunities in our community, beginning at the Granville Athletic Park (GAP). Planning for this project was largely informed by the 2015 Parks and Recreation Survey and include enhanced opportunities for citizen development while maintaining sensitivity to the changing needs of our citizens. This project respects diverse populations within Granville County and ensures that every effort has been made to represent underrepresented groups.

We are excited to be included in this project, making the GAP a more inclusive recreation space for children and veterans with disabilities.

Yet another partnership project is near completion. (Altec's Pickleball Courts and Falls Lake Academy's Butterfly Garden are already completed).
Led by GCUW Board Member and long time GCUW supporter, Gene Purvis, GCUW volunteers, employees of The Masonic Home for Children Oxford and Bridgestone Commercial Solutions constructed a pergola at the GAP to be used as an outdoor classroom. This was no easy task! Thanks to Gene Purvis, John Mainey (long time supporter of GCUW, former member of GCUW Board of Directors and Loaned Executive), Kevin Otis, Mark Highland and the employees of Masonic Home for Children and Bridgestone Commercial Solutions for their continued support of GCUW efforts and their community! Stay tuned for further project updates and please visit and enjoy the facilities at The GAP.